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Our services are embedded in the IG Metall statutes and all our members can make use of them. Your contribution for this: one per cent of your gross income. A worthwhile investment.

Legal protection

Disputes with the employer or a social insurance agency are sometimes unavoidable – for example following an accident at work, after notice of dismissal or a written warning, because of long-term illness, about the amount of a pension decision, about a claim for compensation or about the contents of a pay slip. Disputes of this sort happen more frequently than you might think. Over 2 000 complaints are submitted to German employment and social welfare courts every day. And lawsuits are expensive.

We offer our members free legal advice in employment and social welfare law, but also tax and residence law, insofar as it affects the employment relationship. Often enough it is possible to avoid a lawsuit because we have local knowledge of the workplaces and of the situation. If a judicial dispute cannot be avoided, our legal expenses insurance takes over. Legal representation is free – if necessary at every level of the judicial system. We win over 100 million euros for our members every year. But it’s about more than just money. Back pay, withdrawal of dismissal notices, higher pension entitlement – for us that’s all just part of social justice.

Assistance in the event of a strike

We get a hearing and respect by means of strikes. Our ability to strike is a measure of our assertiveness – and hence also of our political importance. Strikes are not an end in themselves but they are sometimes unavoidable – and then of course IG Metall also supports its members financially. The payments, known as strike pay, are calculated for each affected employee based on the duration and amount of their personal contributions. This does not apply to token strikes.

The period of membership is of relevance for the calculation of the strike assistance.

Assistance in the event of disciplinary measures and lockouts

One thing is clear: When our members get involved in trade union matters, they must not suffer any disadvantages as a result. Should the employer still cause problems, such as by threatening penalties or by means of actual disciplinary measures or discrimination, we support our members right down the line, because solidarity is indivisible. Neither must our members suffer discrimination if they take part in strike action authorised by IG Metall. The same applies in the event of a lockout if the strike action has been authorised by the Executive Board of IG Metall.

Leisure time accident insurance

A fall when skiing or injury on a cycling trip? Employees are insured against accidents at work, but IG Metall also provides its members with assistance when they have an accident in their own time. Our leisure time accident insurance covers accidents outside of the workplace and is valid worldwide. That means that it applies equally when playing sport, gardening at home or cycling on holiday.

Assistance in the event of extraordinary emergencies

As part of a community based on solidarity, we can rely on one another when it comes to the crunch. IG Metall members who find themselves in extraordinary hardship as a result of an unforeseeable event can apply for financial assistance. After the nature of the emergency has been described in person, the local executive of the responsible branch of IG Metall can set the level of assistance to be provided. In collective emergencies, such as during the catastrophic floods of 2013 and 2016, IG Metall helps quickly and with no red tape.

Assistance in the event of death

Should it come to the worst, we also support our members and their bereaved survivors in the event of death. The benefits are based on the period of membership. The key factor is the average contribution of the last 12 months as per the contract of employment (1 per cent of gross income). For example, in the case of a monthly contribution of 27 euros with a period of membership of over 20 years, the assistance for survivors amounts to a one-off sum of 850.50 euros. Should our member’s partner die, the assistance for our member amounts to one half of the aforemen-tioned sum, provided that they have both lived in the same household. IG Metall thus offers a benefit that was deleted from the list of benefits by the statutory health insurance providers in 2004.

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