Together for a good life
In good company at IG Metall

The IG Metall is not only a trade union for metalworkers. The diversity of its members mirrors the diversity of a society in transition.

White-collar workers: Many jobs – one common objective

Good work in the office – IG Metall achieves that together with the white-collar workers. They work in very many different jobs but the interests of the individual employment groups are similarly based: the aim is to curb the number of unpaid working hours, to achieve more employee participation, fair remuneration and recognition of effort – which is where IG Metall steps in. Together we can shape the digitised world of work.

The unemployed: Rescued instead of written off

Unemployment can strike anyone and everyone. We support our colleagues and provide them with practical tips – such as in dealing with the Employment Agency – as well as help with applying for Hartz IV jobseekers’ allowance and assistance with questions of employment law.

Women, parents and family: Equal rights, always and everywhere

We campaign for equality of opportunity, gender equality and fair pay. Because if you want the best, you can’t do without women. Of course that also means that it must be possible to combine family and job – for mothers and fathers. We inform parents and parents-to-be about legal changes and state benefits and provide advice on legal questions.

Engineers: Highly qualified and well networked

IG Metall is also the trade union of the technical experts. It organises engineers and technical specialists in the typical metal and electrical industries as well as in information and communication technology (ICT).

Youth: Being active and creating prospects

IG Metall Jugend (Youth) actively and self-confidently represents the interests of apprentices, students and those entering the world of work. IG Metal members between 16 and 27 years of age join together to campaign for self-determination, employee representation and job prospects.

Migration/Integration: Promoting diversity – Fighting discrimination

IG Metall is a diverse organisation! It is the political and trade union home for many migrants. With an estimated 400 000 members with a migration background, it is the biggest migrant organisation. Together we campaign for equal rights and against discrimination.

Senior citizens: Strong together – for a lifetime

We assist our members during the transition into retirement, providing helpful information and all the usual services. Of course that also includes free legal advice, which continues after their active working life is over. If they have any problems with the pension fund, the health insurance fund or other social security bodies, we stand by our members. That’s because they remain part of us, even after they have retired.

IG Metall – a strong community

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